Executive Health Getaway Programs

Executive Health Getaway Programs

Perform your regular Check-Ups and Travel in Italy

For most people, serious illness sneaks up and catches us by surprise. Most serious diseases, when detected early, can be treated with great success. Hospitaly’s executive health getaway program assesses critical health factors, performs important tests and offers evidence-based preventive screenings to uncover health risks that may affect your long-term wellness. All patients receive a custom road map to minimize or eliminate critical health risks. 

Free High-Speed Train Tour in Italy

Hospitaly believes that being healthy should be fun! Book an Executive Health Getaway with Hospitaly, and you and a friend will have the opportunity to discover the treasures of Italy when you travel for free on Italy’s newest high speed train. Discover the famous site of Pompeii, located near Napoli, or the treasures of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci in Florence. Visit the heart of Italian fashion in Milan or take a gondola ride in Venice. Visit any of these destinations after your health Check-up in Rome on train for free!

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Our Executive Getaway Programs: The High Speed Train

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Getaway for 
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