International Patients Care

International Patients Program

At Hospitaly, 
your safety is our top priority

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By asking questions, and speaking up, you will help us provide you with the best possible care.

While in Italy, your medical care team will keep you informed about your treatment. They will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and explain the details of your treatment plan. When you are discharged, you will receive written instructions to take home to ensure that you fully understand follow-up care and instructions.

High and free internet connection is provided to all our patients.

Our patient's rooms are private and comfortable. Our staff is always at your disposal.

Our staff will provide you high quality healthcare and make your stay as pleasant as possible.

A smoking-free environment is provided in all of the hospital's facilities.

To improve the quality of your care, we advise patients to do the following:

  • Actively participate in decisions about your treatment.
  • Ask questions about your care and treatment.
  • Ask questions about your discharge instructions.
  • Tell us if you do not understand what we are saying to you.
  • Ask for an interpreter if you do not understand English or Italian.
  • Share your medical history with your health care team.
  • Tell us about your medical problems and prior surgeries.
  • Tell us if you have any allergies.
  • While you are in the Hospital, ask about all medications you are given and why they have been prescribed for you. Remember to take home your written medication instructions.
  • Wear your Hospital identification (ID) band at all times while you are in the Hospital. Our staff will review the information on your Hospital ID band before giving you any medications, before tests, procedures, and X-rays, or when giving you your food tray. If your ID band comes off or is unreadable, ask us to replace it.

Do you have more questions or doubts?

Maybe we can answer them in the FAQ's section.

Hygiene and Infection Protection

Our goal

Preventing infections is one of the most important goals of the Hospital. While not every infection is preventable, many can be prevented by taking certain precautions. In fact, one of the best ways to prevent infections is hand hygiene.

Our precautions

Alcohol-based products are an easy way to perform hand hygiene. Throughout the hospital, you will see dispensers and bottles in hallways. Your health care team will clean their hands before and after providing care to prevent the spread of infection.

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