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When to travel to Italy, anytime is the right time to visit Italy.

Italy’s Mediterranean climate lures guests from around the world with thrilling activities and great seasonal foods in every season. The summers are warm, and the winters are cold and a bit rainy. The high season extends from April to June and September to October when the weather is comfortably warm. Beat the crowds and plan your vacation for the off season to enjoy Italy at your own pace

Know where to go during your stay in the Eternal City

Everyone dreams to travel and have a vacation in Italy.

Incredible meals on the piazza, wines that flow as freely as the waters in the fountains, espressos in the shade of olive trees, stunning villas that seem to teeter on the sheer cliffs above the cerulean blue Tyrrhenian Sea, the splendor of the Vatican and the ancient history of Pompeii, Renaissance paintings and marble sculptures that leave you breathless, and of course, endless shopping for the latest fashion are some of the few things you’ll enjoy when you travel to Italy.


Everyone dreams of a travel to Italy, and it’s easy to understand why! Whether you plan to enjoy a vacation at the beach or hiking in the mountains, a escape to the vineyards of Tuscany or immersion in the Eternal City of Rome, a vacation in Italy is one that you will remember forever.


At Hospitaly, we recommend that you start your Italian vacation in the capital city of Rome, the birthplace of Western civilization and the cradle of Roman Empire. Rome has it all, from amazing dining, to ancient culture, religious sites, hundreds of fountains, Vatican City, the Colosseum and endless gelato. 


What else should you see in Italy?

  • A romantic gondola tour in the canals in Venice;
  • Climb to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa;
  • Discover the ancient ruins of Pompeii;
  • Shopping in Milan;
  • Stand in awe as you gaze at the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel;
  • Sample local wines and cheeses from throughout the country;
  • Visit the opera in Rome…set amidst ancient Roman ruins;
  • Don’t forget to try the gelato. It will change your life!


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