Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about a specialty or program? Read our FAQ's and they may answer you.

What if I don’t speak Italian?

No problem, our staff includes English, Russian, Arabic and Chinese speakers. Assistance in other languages is possible upon request.

Will my hospital room be single our double?

Our Hospital offers single patient rooms equipped with comfortable furnishings, and amenities such as refrigerators and Internet access. Rooms include digital nurse-call systems, flat-screen TVs,motorized shades with bedside controls, new toilets with automatic-sensor controls, and lighting—all to ensure the needs of patients while also maintaining a safe environment for staff.

Will I be assisted in additional  accommodation needs after or before my stay in the Hospital?

Yes. Our goal is to do everything possible to foster the serene, convenient, and comfortable environment intrinsic to comprehensive healing. To this end our staff provides support in making supplemental arrangements at hotels. Our travel advisors in addition will be happy to provide travel itinerary options to cater to your and your loved ones’ needs.

Can a family member or friend stay with me during my stay in the hospital?

Absolutely. Our single patient rooms are all equipped with a supplementary sofa bed to accomodate relatives and/or friends. Your chaperone’s stay and meals are included in the package.

How do I get to the hospital from the airport?

Upon your arrival a personal driver will greet you and accompany you by car to our facility. This is part of our 360 degrees service, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

Who takes care of me during my stay in the hospital?

Hospitaly’s highly-skilled nursing staff provides compassionate, personalized care for each of our patients. Firmly believing that individualized attention contributes to high rates of treatment success, our nurses, care advisors, physicians and entire staff strive to provide the highest level of physical and emotional support for patients as well as their family and friends.

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